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U3O8 Corp. is a Canadian uranium company with South American projects focusing on low-cost production. We have uranium resources in Colombia, Argentina and Guyana showing positive metallurgical results.  A preliminary economic assessment shows our Berlin Deposit in Colombia has the potential to become a low-cash-cost uranium project due to by-product revenues from phosphate, nickel, rare earths (yttrium and neodymium).  Our Laguna Salada Deposit in Argentina is being advanced as a potential near-term, low-cost uranium producer.

Existing Shareholder Prospectus Exemption

The “Existing Shareholder Prospectus Exemption” has recently been adopted by the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) as a cost-effective way of making a financing available. The main prerequisite to participating in this type of financing is that you are a shareholder of the Company.

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