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Exciting take on Argentina’s Nuclear Future from Hallgarten Analyst Christopher Ecclestone

Hallgarten and Co analyst, Christopher Ecclestone, has written an outstanding and comprehensive summary on the nuclear framework of Argentina. He summarizes the history of nuclear electricity generation in Argentina and the direction in which the country is moving forward. He highlights that uranium production is the one conspicuous gap in the otherwise complete Argentine nuclear energy program. He also points out that Brazilian uranium production is falling short of future demand and therefore represents a logical export opportunity for Argentine uranium production.

Japan Brings 5th Nuclear Reactor Back into Operation

Five operating reactors: The Takahama 3 unit that was brought back into operation on June 6th, is the 5th reactor to be re-started in Japan as the country gradually ramps up nuclear electricity generation. The re-start of Takahama 3 follows the Takahama 4 unit that was brought back on-line in May and reached full commercial production yesterday. Takahama 3 was connected to the electricity grid on June 9th and is scheduled to reach full power output in early-July. The other three reactors that are operating in Japan are Sendai 1 & 2 and Ikata 3.

4th Japanese Nuclear Reactor Restarts, 5th Being Loaded with Fuel

With the restarting of the Takahama 4 reactor early yesterday morning, Japan now has four reactors back on-line. The reactor is scheduled to start supplying electricity to the grid on May 22 and will gradually increase output until it reaches full-scale operation in mid-June. The other three reactors that are on-line in Japan are the Sendai 1 and 2 and Ikata 3 power plants.