InvestorIntel: Dr. Spencer on a rising uranium market?

Dr. Richard Spencer was interviewed by InvestorIntel to discuss the changing tides in global uranium markets.  The interview is now live, below is a short but telling excerpt…

“The uptick has been in the last couple of weeks. There is a certain excitement in the market. It started late last year with Cameco and the Kazaks taking almost 15% of world production off the market. Since then there have been a couple of other transactions that have taken about 30% of uranium supply off the market. The market is just starting to react. For the first time we are starting to see an uptick in the uranium price that I think is going to be sustainable.”

InvestorIntel: The vanadium advantage in U3O8’s pathway to uranium production

On June 22nd, 2018 Matthew Bohlsen of published an original column on U3O8 Corp titled The vanadium advantage in U3O8’s pathway to uranium production in which he states, “U3O8 Corp. has a wise strategy that investors can benefit from. That is, they plan to bring on their low CapEx Laguna Salada project first, as this is the easiest to achieve (provided uranium spot prices are above USD 22/lb). Once achieved, they can use surplus cash flow to help fund their larger CapEx low running cost Berlin Project in Colombia. This project has a zero dollar cost of production due to a large amount of valuable by-product credits. This will mean once operational it will be extremely profitable.”