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This is the fifth full-day mineLatinAmerica event (and ninth in the series) taking place in Toronto, Monday November 14, 2016 and features updates by U3O8 Corp and several other mining companies on their Latin American projects.  Please join us for technical presentations and panel discussions on doing business in Latin America’s mining industry (legislation, financing, country spotlights, risk mitigation, CSR, etc.) by expert advisors and service providers.

A Quiet Nuclear Renaissance Unfolding in the USA

By reaching commercial operation on October 19, the Watts Bar 2 unit became the first nuclear power plant to come on stream in the US in 20 years. The new reactor program, which includes four other large reactors under construction, and another five planned, is part of a quiet nuclear renaissance that’s taking shape in the US today. Nuclear energy production in the US continues to be near all-time highs with recent developments indicating that it is likely to grow in the coming years.

Ontario deepens commitment to nuclear energy

Ontario has shown its further commitment to carbon-free, nuclear energy with the approval of a 30-year life extension program for the four reactors at the Darlington site announced in early January. Ontario’s Minister of Energy was quoted as saying: “Proceeding with the refurbishment at Darlington will ensure that nuclear continues to be Ontario’s single largest source of power.” Hot on the heels of the Darlington news was the green light for an application to be made for the four reactors at the Pickering site to continue operating beyond the originally planned closure date of 2018: the application will be for two of the reactors to continue producing electricity until 2022 and for the other two to continue until 2024.